About Us


Welcome to NWP DI

About Our Journey

We are a diverse and passionate community united by a shared mission: to inspire and empower students to unleash their creativity, foster innovation, and develop essential life skills.

When We Started

Since our inception in 1998, we have been dedicated to inspiring and empowering students through creativity, innovation, and teamwork. With a history spanning over two decades, we continuously strive to expand our reach and make our organization accessible to more individuals, always seeking new ways to engage and include a diverse community of learners within our region.


Creative Problem-Solving


Kids in DI develop the ability to think outside the box, finding innovative solutions to complex challenges that require creativity and critical thinking.


Teamwork & Collaboration


DI fosters effective teamwork as students collaborate with their peers to tackle challenges, communicate ideas, and contribute their unique skills to a common goal.


Presentation & Communication


Participants gain confidence in presenting their ideas and solutions to others, improving their communication skills through storytelling, improv, and structured presentations.


Time Management & Planning


DI encourages students to manage their time efficiently as they work on projects, helping them develop organizational skills and the ability to set and meet deadlines.

Not Sure What Region You Belong To?

Below is our State breakdown of every region. Click here to find other regions contact info.


Meet Our Regional Directors

Our regional directors are the heart and soul of Northwest Plains DI, spreading creativity, guiding teams, and making sure DI programs and events run smoothly and joyfully.

Linda Landin

Co – Regional Director


April Benavidez

Co – Regional Director


Barbara Quinn

Dep. Regional Director